The Newsletter for CT/RI Coastal

Fly Fishers

P.O. Box 714, Groton, CT 06340-0714

The Board of Directors meets on the second Thursday

of each month at the Groton Library at 7:00 PM.

2016 Officers and Board of Directors



Don Roberts- President

AJ Hocking- 1st Vice President

Ken Gillis- 2nd Vice President

Steve Cicoria- Secretary

Al Lazuk- Treasurer



John Potter; Past President

BJ Cassio; Past President

Mike Lawrence;Membership

Ron Gedney: Events

Ron Mc Cullen: Fish of the Month

Dave Pollack

Steve Currier

Thom Shipman

David Baillargeon

John Goddard

Mark Twiss



Outings: John Potter,

Meeting Guests; AJ Hocking

Events: AJ Hocking: Ron Gedney, Don Roberts

Fly of the Month: AJ Hocking

Veterans Project Healing Waters

AJ Hocking; Thom Shipman; Don Roberts; John Potter